Fees - Personal Loans Mark

Licence fees will be set so as not to impede any group that qualifies and is otherwise willing to join the initiative. 

FairLife Marks are free to charitable organizations and not-for-profit groups in our Founding 500 list of supporters.  The current plan is to base the licence fee for commercial orgainisations on £1 per full time employee.

Annual licence fees are designed to cover the running costs of the charity and to fund financial education.  The charity's running costs are minimal, as it collaborates with other groups, meaning that the vast majority of income will ultimately go to FairLife Schools.  It is hoped that firms will also make charity donations to the FairLife Foundation as circumstances allow. 

Licence fees will be invoiced by a FairLife Agent following the award or renewal of a FairLife Mark. All charity donations will be gratefully received and acknowledged by the FairLife Foundation Limited.

To ensure that any revenue generated by the charity is spent wisely and with good governance the FairLife Charity is being gifted to the nation. 

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