Debt recovery

The FairLife Mark is awarded to debt recovery firms that treat customers fairly in the opinion of the charity and members of the provider's peer group.

Organisations seeking debt recovery will be encouraged by the FairLife Charity and its supporters to consider a FairLife debt recovery firm, as doing so should ensure that the customer is treated fairly.  Where FairLife creditors chooses a non-FairLife debt recovery firm, they will be required to make certain criteria part of the transaction to ensure that customers have basic protections.

Firms displaying the FairLife Mark today are demonstrating, in a highly visible manner, their commitment to putting the wellbeing of the public at the heart of their business.

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The primary reason for launching a mark in debt recovery is to ensure that customers' debt is kept within the FairLife Family regardless of how many times their debt is purchased or how many debt recovery firms are involved.

Consumers struggling with debt often have multiple creditors and the experience of debts being passed onto other companies can be very confusing, especially for those who are particularly vulnerable. It is hoped that consumers will be reassured when all the companies they deal with display the same FairLife Mark and that this will offer some consistency when they are contacted by an unfamiliar company.

The FairLife Mark is on your side