Debt advice

The FairLife Mark is awarded to debt advisors that are free to the public.  It is not a quality mark, although a framework is under consideration to ensure that the advice given meets minimum standards of sound practice once the FairLife Charity is in a position to offer the guidance and assistance required.  Display of the mark signifies that the debt advisor supports the FairLife Charity in building a fair trading initiative and promoting financial education.

Customers seeking debt advice will be encouraged by the FairLife Charity and its supporters to consider a FairLife debt advisor as doing so will steer them away from fee-charging debt advisors.  In cases where a fee-charging advisor is considered the best option; clients will be made aware of this by the FairLife debt advisor. Customers will also be encouraged to seek a FairLife debt advisor as additional benefits are expected to accrue as the charity grows.

Firms carrying the Mark today are demonstrating, in a highly visible manner, their commitment to putting the wellbeing of the public at the heart of their business.

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The primary reason for launching a mark in debt advice is to ensure that customers who are in debt are treated fairly. This mark interlinks with FairLife’s other marks in the debt space and helps to form an umbrella of trust across the industry.

Consumers struggling with debt often have multiple creditors and the experience of debts being passed onto other companies can be very confusing, especially for the vulnerable. It is hoped that consumers will be reassured when all the companies they deal with display the FairLife Mark and that this will offer some consistency when they are contacted by an unfamiliar company.

The FairLife Mark is a mark of integrity that can, at the charity's discretion, be awarded based on the provider’s own declarations.  The licensee may use the mark on selected products and cancel at any time.