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The FairLife pledge

The fair trading mark represents a pledge to price honestly and trade fairly with your customers.  Any product or service displaying the FairLife Mark must be fairly traded and honestly priced within the constraints of the market:

  • The provider must follow the spirit as well as the letter of any agreed regulator’s rules and principles with an emphasis on treating customers fairly.
  • The provider must adhere to agreed sources of profit as detailed in the PANA criteria below.  Any extra fees or charges must be designed only to cover additional costs and not to generate additional profits.

For the PANA Criteria of the mark click here

The FairLife Mark is a mark of integrity that can, at the charity's discretion, be awarded based on the provider’s own declarations.  The licensee may use the mark on any qualifying products and cancel at any time.

In taking the pledge you agree to embrace good practice within the constraints of the market and to avoid poor practice which although legal is considered avoidable on a voluntary basis by your peers.  It is also a commitment to help the marketplace evolve over time to become more consumer-centric.  Nothing in the FairLife initiative should put you at a commercial disadvantage.

Customers will be encouraged by the FairLife Charity and its supporters to consider a FairLife cash savings product as doing so will offer them a range of benefits as well as helping them to avoid providers that use questionable practices.  It will also help the country's schools to teach financial education and the population as whole to be more financially resilient.

Firms displaying the FairLife Mark today are demonstrating, in a highly visible manner, their commitment to putting the wellbeing of the public at the heart of their business.

To download a summary of the mark click here

The FairLife Mark is on your side