Report A Fairlife Product Or Service

The FairLife Mark guides customers to products and services that are fairly traded and honestly priced.  This means that they conform to peer-agreed standards of sound practice called PANA standards that are above those required by law, but it does not mean that the products are perfect.

The FairLife Mark does not say that a product is suitable or good value.  These are personal decisions.  The FairLife Mark is helping customers to make these decisions by promoting financial education.

FairLife Mark criteria must also be business practical; otherwise they would risk causing good providers to go out of business. 

If you find evidence that a firm is no longer following the required criteria; please report your concerns to the FairLife Charity on:

The FairLife Charity has the power to remove the FairLife Mark from any product or service that no longer meets its standards.

 The FairLife Mark is on your side