Public, Consumers

  • It’s YOUR finance industry:  get involved and make it work for YOU.
  • Look for the FairLife Mark:  it will guide you to products you can trust.

1)   Look for the FairLife Mark and buy FairLife products.

Supporting firms that display the mark is a great way to help drive out the rogues and poor practices.

2)   Raise awareness of the charity:

  • Parents: encourage your child’s school to become a FairLife School and promote financial education.
  • Students: encourage your university and students' union to get involved.
  • Everyone:
    • can your employer support the FairLife Charity?  Remember that employers outside of financial services can help too, in areas like workplace guidance, pension funding and treating debtors fairly.
    • If you have access to a notice board, print and put up an information leaflet (see Posters & Information under the Get Involved menu)
    • Or pick-up a factsheet from the website and send that as an email.
    • Follow us on Twitter: @FairLifeCharity.

Your support now will make a big difference.  Please do what you can and together we'll create a brighter financial future for us all.

The FairLife Mark is on your side