This initiative is not just for finance companies.  Every organisation can help their employees and customers to be more financially resilient.  In addition your business, your staff and your customers will all benefit from fairer banking.

How you can help:

Offer to display workplace guidance to your employees:  FairLife schools, colleges & universities give children the knowledge they need to make good financial decisions throughout their lives. Guidance in later years then directs them to maintain good financial management and helps them at key times.  It costs you nothing to help your employees with workplace guidance.

Be fair to debtors:  Follow the FairLife Charity's four rules when trying to recover money from customers.

  • Inform the customer that they can get free debt advice.
  • Add nothing by way of interest, fees and costs to customers in debt recovery (with the exception of court fees and costs).
  • Where applicable, treat non-FCA-regulated debt in the same manner as FCA regulated debt.
  • Include these instructions as part of the transaction if the debt is sold or passed on (unless passed to a FairLife debt recovery firm).

Raise awareness of the FairLife Charity:

  • Get in touch.  Email admin@fairlifecharity.org or call 020 366 40377.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @FairLifeCharity

Your support will make a big difference and your company will benefit in multiple ways.

The FairLife Mark is on your side