School Ambassadors

Become an Ambassador for the FairLife Charity

Some FairLife Schools can give children the chance to become School Ambassadors for the charity.  Your teachers will tell you if this is an option.

As a School Ambassador you can:

  • Help everyone in your school to lean about money.  Ask your parents and teachers for suggestions, or think of fun ideas yourself.  Put up a poster, run a competition or raise money for something your school really needs.
  • Look-up the good work that other charities do such as Young Enterprise, MyBnk and RedStart.  Can they help your school?
  • Design posters, competitions and other ideas that we can add to the FairLife Charity’s website for other Ambassadors to use.
  • Join with other children in encouraging national groups to get involved and to help educate children about money.

Take an active part in creating a national initiative that improves fairness in society. 

To download a summary of School Ambassadors click here

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Everyone knows how important money is.  It’s important to save money and very important not to waste it.  The FairLife Charity wants children to understand a little more about money, so they can help themselves later in life.

We are also working with the banks and other companies that look after your money.  We are helping them to create better products and to treat their customers as fairly as they can, especially those who don’t really understand about money.

We give companies that agree to work with us a logo called the FairLife Mark.  That’s our way of saying thank you!  You can see the FairLife Mark at the top of this page.  There is more general information about the FairLife Charity under the About FairLife section of the website.