Primary Schools

Schools are awarded the FairLife Mark if they share our passion for helping children learn about money.  Everyone knows how important money is.  It’s important to save money and very important not to waste it.  Understanding a little more can help children to make smarter choices later in life and to avoid costly mistakes.

Evidence suggests that children’s long-term attitudes to money can be formed early in life, so the sooner we can get children thinking about money the better.  The key is to make the learning fun and engaging, so that everyone gets involved and learns something.

By joinging the FairLife initiative, schools are helping their pupils to prepare for the demands of modern life.  They are also helping us to promote a culture of fair trading in the British finance industry.  This helps the schools themselves, as well as building a brighter financial future for us all.  

Funding from the fair trading mark helps schools to deliver the high quality teaching our children need.

Fairlife Circle

In addition the initiative makes the finance industry more transparent, it makes products simpler and it gives the subject a real world context.  This makes financial education easier to teach, easier to understand and easier to remember.

Fairlife Circle