Financial Education Providers

The FairLife Mark is awarded to independent providers of financial education and companies that help to promote good financial management.  It is not a qualiy mark at this stage and signifies only that the provider supports the FairLife initiaitive, although that may change in the furture as the charity is able to help these providers.

Society has become focused on consumer choice, but choosing between products can be hard if you don’t trust the providers and having this responsibility can be unfair without the right education.

Britain has a large number of groups providing good financial education, either independently or in collaboration with schools and colleges.  FairLife Schools are encouraged to use these resources, as dedicated providers can often have a greater impact where time is limited.

But there’s also the issue that education without industry change may be of limited value.  When you’re dealing with financial products, the industry holds all cards and no amount of education is going to change that.  If the industry wants to find something you don’t understand ... it can.

That’s why the fair trading initiative is so important.  If we’re going to teach the next generation to use financial services, the industry must embrace fair trading.  By displaying the FairLife Mark you are helping to bring about this cultural change, which will create a brighter financial future for us all.

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